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Diplomate, Philippine Board of Surgery
Diplomate, Philippine Board of Cosmetic
Surgery Member, Philippine Society for Cosmetic
Surgery Member, Philippine Society for Liposuction



Obstrecian - Gynecologist / Cosmetic Surgeon
Diplomate, Philippine Board of OB-GYN
Diplomate, Philippine Board of Cosmetic Surgery
Member, Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery
Member, Philippine Society for Liposuction



SkinTouch Aesthetic and Slimming Center is born out of both passion and demand. Passion, because both husband and wife are hardworking doctors who love seeing that satisfied look on their patients' faces, and demand, because their patients are the ones who talked them into getting into the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Ruedas-Malit, in particular, is a practicing ob-gyn who has been urged by her patients to take cosmetic surgery as her subspecialty. It actually makes sense since patients have entrusted their lives with them during surgery—and some for quite a number of times, especially with Ruedas-Malit who have helped mothers bring children into this world. (Ruedas-Malit shares that most of their clients are moms who would like to get Abdominoplasty, Vaginoplasty and Liposuction.)

Dr.  La Verne G. Malit, her husband is a practicing certified surgeon for more than 25 years and also as per patient’s demand went to cosmetic surgery as his subspecialty. He does Liposuction, Abdominoplasty as well; and most of the time catered to patients who wanted to look 20 years younger by doing Facelift, Neck lift, Deep set eyes, Eye bag removal, Breast Augmentation and Nose lift.

It is gratifying for both Doctors to see their patients very happy, well satisfied with increased self esteem and confidence.

The couple has found success in the field with their first clinic, the MR Rejuvenation Center in Paranaque before relocating to a busier and more accessible location. Dr. Ruedas-Malit remembers that their first group of patients was a group of balikayans and Australians.


One-Stop Center for Beauty and Wellness

SkinTouch Aesthetic and Slimming Center is housed in a spacious, 149-square meter area at the Wellness Lane of Festival Mall. While the mall surrounding is quite busy and noisy with muzak blasting from everywhere, it's a totally different story once you step inside the clinic. The clinic has nice acoustics, preventing outside noise from coming in and disturbing you so you can relax and just soak up your pampering experience.

Dr. Ruedas-Malit shares that SkinTouch offers not just cosmetic surgery but also skin care products, facials and slimming programs. Clients from abroad usually want the whole SkinTouch experience of getting pampered from head to toe, so they decided to establish a salon inside the clinic as well.   

The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment used in the aesthetic and dermatological fields nowadays. It offers Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with three functions: Pimple treatment, skin rejuvenation and hair removal. Also sclerotherapy, warts and syringoma removal, and non invasive procedures for body sculpting and face lifting are offered. Just recently, the clinic has introduced the application of a Cryo Machine, which uses sub-zero temperatures to break down fat and tighten the skin.

As for the skin products, Dr. Ruedas-Malit says that they are the ones who formulate the composition of their products. She personally tests the products too before having them on the shelves. Malit adds that SkinTouch is open to carrying other brands of skin care products in their shop, as long as their customers favor such products.

Affordable Services


Dr. Ruedas-Malit shares that they offer basic facials ranging between P300.00 to P500.00 which teenagers and adults can afford. Indeed, Skin Touch Wellness has affordable services that anyone can enjoy. Special facials for rejuvenation and lifting also available both for men and women. Lot of clients avail of their skin whitening at 50% off.

Malit takes pride in the clinic's slimming package that's fairly affordable. The clinic offers a package for a whole year's worth of unlimited sessions of LipoCurve (lipocavitation), a non invasive procedure that burns fat for P100,000. The second promo is for a five-session slimming package that makes use of multipolar radiofrequency, Cryo (cryolipolysis), LipoCurve and Celluslim for P25,000. Dr. Ruedas-Malit shares that they also offer 50% discounts and perks for repeat customers.

Dr. Ruedas-Malit says that they are looking into establishing two more branches of Skin Touch in Manila. With more Skin Touch branches in the metro, more people would get to experience the touch of beauty and healing by the two cosmetic doctors, leading to a more refreshed, healthy and beautiful life!