Cellulite is a common problem for many women, whatever weight they may be. Noninvasive cosmetic treatments for cellulite make use of a combination of radio frequency energy (Mulitipolar-RF), low frequency ultrasound (LipoCurve), vacuum suction/mechanical massage (G5) and mechanical muscle stimulation (CelluSlim).  The aim is to shrink the fat cells, taughten the skin, and encourage the lymphatic drainage to eliminate fluid and toxins.


Multipolar-RF - Body work to rejuvenate the skin by heating the deeper layers of collagen under the skin using a handheld device. The stimulation of collagen production reduces the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin for a more youthful appearance.


The effect of the Multipolar-RF s noticeable immediately after the treatment, with additional tightening occurring over the following months as the connective tissue- collagen is produced. For optimum results, clients are advised to have 8-10 treatments , two weeks apart. The procedure takes 20-60 minutes depending on which body part.